A Child's Daily Routine

It has come to my attention in my household how very lax we've been on having personal routines, or really any at all. Obviously because of this we have been kind of running willy nilly with our days and not really having a sense of accomplishment or even a sense of I did this today and it was fun. I think not having a routine really improperly disrupts your memory of the days events and can lead to a bit of ungratefulness or a general feeling of discontent because they can't remember what they've done.

My 7 year old loves flowers, so I made sure to design hers to suite her personality.
Also, something to separate it from the boys.

I can't remember what I've done! Surely I'm not the only mother, homeschool or not, that works tirelessly throughout the day to accomplish things to only get to the end of the evening and you're lying in bed trying to think of what you've actually done that day besides drank coffee (or a hot chocolate coffee for me) and ran my wheels a lot. This really can't help your confidence as the leader in charge of all things household.

My 10 year old is probably going to be an engineer of some sort, he loves robotics. 

I didn't want to leave my 4 year old out, plus he can be super helpful and is ripe for the picking as far as
habit training and learning his place in this household. Never really too young to learn that, but I think
My 1 year old doesn't quite need a written schedule yet. haha

So, I began to try to put together a simple list of tasks I expect of my children daily. Just to start. I made it simple and pretty and tried my best to design it to their personalities. I wanted to share it with you in case you're struggling in this area as well... Enjoy!

They're in PDF File, click on each photo to download the file to use.

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