Ambleside Online: Week 1, Day 3

Our first day using Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Bostford Comstock and I'm delighted to find that it is just as charming a read as the others we've started. Such well written material. A quick favorite among all the others, makes it hard to choose just one

I was fortunate to find a used copy on, I prefer if I can to get vintage. They're so much more visually appealing. 

The books for Day 3, with one exception of Charlotte Mason's Geography which I have in a softcover copy, but you can print from a .PDF if you click on the link above for pick your price. 

Studying John Constable with my own made wiki biography booklet to go along with our Art Study, download that in my previous post click on the photo. 

We also read a portion from our Composer Study biography I created if you're interested in that free printable it's on a previous post as well, click on the photo. 

I find John Constable's art relaxing to look at. It's peaceful and I completely agree that He should paint his own world. I'm a big believer in finding the wonderland right where you are. 

We read D'Aulaire's Pocahontas on the first day, although I think I failed to mention that, oops. So, today I chose Peter Pan, this version is illustrated by Arthur Rackham. I really love his illustrations. 

Quickly turning into my favorite version of A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson illustrated by Tasha Tudor. I often pick books out first by their illustrator and second by their authors, I'm a pretty visual person. 

This beauty was shipped all the way from England for $12. And is another surprising enjoyable read. I'm going to fully enjoy the literature we're using through Ambleside, I know it. I'm also really loving how their "chapters" are much smaller, so the average daily read is pretty consolidated. 

Color illustrations. You really can't beat them. 

They both did copywork today that was a free resource in the Ambleside Online group in the files section. It was wonderful that they are all quotes from the Aesop stories we're doing as well. 

He adores Explode the Code, he's in level 4 and honestly he probably loves it mostly because even though he's at grade level he just flies right through it. I'm alright with it, his foundation just keeps getting stronger. 

Yesterday was 4th of July so we took the day to enjoy family, but Wednesdays are our Nature Study day as scheduled in my weekly schedule, you can find that free printable here

What are some things you've included in your homeschool days? What are some of your favorite books, I'm always looking to add to our Home Library. 

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