Ambleside Online: Week 1, Day 2

We're still trying to get a groove. If we wake up just a bit too late then it kind of throws off the entire morning. I don't know how your days usually go... I have 4 children 10-1 and my youngest two are proving to be just as interested in everything we're doing if not more than the older two. So, there's that. lol It feels like our morning routine at this point takes forever... breakfast, clean up, distractions, distractions, distractions, trying to read while a circus ensues. HA! 

This is real life and it's OK. She's loving Singapore Math, in fact she begged to do extra pages today which kind of made me giggle a little. They're super easy for her so she kind of breezes through them, which I knew would happen. So, my plan is to let her kind of go as fast as she wants to with it. 

We actually started out the day with a handicraft/science project. He had been given a volcano kit for Christmas and he felt like he needed to do it, so he did and was ecstatic that he was able to do it all by himself. Overjoyed! 

Here's the books we used for Day 2. I have just discovered that I love Rudyard Kipling's style of writing. His sarcasm is just spot on. I was giggling more than the kids were, probably because they didn't understand it as much. We also really enjoyed Paddle to the Sea by Holling C. Holling and I'm loving their "chapter" sizes! Must be a vintage book thing...Thoughts? 

In case you're wondering, He also really enjoys Singapore Math. He's done it since Day one in his homeschooling experience, Grade 1 til now. It's given him such a great foundation in math, his mental math capabilities are an amazement to me. I try not to look too shocked though, so as not to insult him if he thinks I don't automatically just assume about abilities. ;) 

Notice the wooden spoon, I sometimes use it as my gavel... kind of like my Ringmaster's whip, if you will. lol 

What's your favorite math curriculum and why? 

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