Ambleside Online: Week 1, Day 1

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Today is the day! We finally stopped procrastinating and decided today we would dig in and just do it however we could and stop worrying about things being perfect or just right.

Many times I just don't start because I don't know what it's supposed to look like and if I don't have a solid vision or a complete equation laid out for me that I can follow I just plan my life away.

But first oatmeal! Because it is a breakfast of champions. While we ate our oatmeal we listened to the entire CD of Faure, because it's one of the Composers this year and it was the CD that was available. You can find it HERE*, I bought it so that I could have a CD we could take everywhere. I also downloaded all the individual songs and created another CD with all the composers, then stuck it in my car CD player and the CD player broke as soon as I did that so it's stuck. lol Thankfully when I get around to it I can burn another one, but we obviously won't be listening to it in the car!

After the CD had finished we all sat down at the table with our books to start the day... My schedule in hand:

Click on the image to download, Page 1

Click image to download, Page 2

You can download these and use them for your own homeschooling schedule. Here is a blank template if you'd like to be able to fill it in differently. It's a Excel Template, so it should be editable. It has 4 weeks worth of schedules, so the first full month. More will be coming, so stay tuned! 

Little boy wanted to join along so we got him out one of his dollar store books to work on while the other two were digging into math. We use Singapore Math (Brennan 7 is on 1A, although it's probably too easy for her I decided to start her at the beginning and underline that foundation. Ryley 10 is on 3B). 

I created myself a Homeschool calendar instead of just buying one, kills two birds with one stone since in Missouri we are required to keep track of hours etc. Click on the photo to download the scripture side, the actual calendar was one I printed out from another source. You can find that HERE, I just combined the two on and had it printed on cardstock. It also doubles as a teaching tool for my younger ones learning their Year, Month, & Day. 

As a journal I chose to go the creative and DIY route, naturally, and so we took an ordinary Mead Composition Notebooks for the Primary grades, click here* . I went ahead and invested in the 12 pack, but you can purchase them separately on there as well. I picked out a scripture for each of my children and cut up magazines to tape it on the front. We'll use this book for our personal timelines this year, journaling, copywork, etc. I've also found a very neat personal timeline printable HERE that we'll add in as well. 

*this is an affiliate link, no extra cost to you but by clicking on it I will benefit in a very small way. :) 

We use this adorable chalk board we found at hobby lobby for like $5, it's double sided and real slate. You can find it HERE  or Here* if you don't have a Hobby Lobby available in your area. 

These books are one of my favorite parts of the day because I love books. This shelf is dedicated to our daily books, the rest are for our entire Year 1. I've spent the last year collecting these from various outlets, mostly online because our book selection in my area is pretty slim pickings most of the time. 

This is my Year 1 bookshelf. The bottom shelf is empty #BecauseKids and my 1 year old loves books and I fear her desire to rip pages out will someday be the death of one of my beloved books. 

I like to start the day with Bible/Devotional, I decided last minute to use Leading Little Ones to God by Marion M Schoolland* as a devotional and then we read from Genesis as scheduled in AO. 

Then we kind of just went down the list as ordered because it's easiest for me to do it that way. Ambleside can be very overwhelming for my ADHD brain. There are so many directions to go in that I had to simplify it for myself. I had a feeling there were other Mama's out there that were feeling the same way so I hope to help you guys out as I figure it out myself. 

I only scheduled 4 days full, Wednesday is our Nature Study day which we do Exploring Nature with Children by Lynn Seddon. This Nature Study program is beautifully put together with very thoughtful poetry, artist study, etc. Check it out, you won't be sorry. It is a PDF file you purchase and I had mine printed out at because I knew the amount of pages I would print would take up a lot of my toner and figured I'd save myself the expense of paper as well. I printed on both sides and ended up laminating (at home) my entire book. I'll be writing a separate post with pictures of my Binder and what I include in that so look for that coming soon! 

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